Chelmsford City Football Club is run by a company entitled the Supporters Of Chelmsford City Football Club Limited, this is a company limited by guarantee, the company was structured this way to allow the company to be run by the supporters for the supporters, the company cannot be taken over unless there is a change of constitution and no member can have more than one share, therefore all members have one vote, including the chairman and directors, it is a non profit making organisation and as a member you are given access to company accounts and can attend the AGM, the only downside being should the company be wound up the members could be asked to pay an additional 100 to cover costs. Membership ceases when the member dies, unfortunately membership cannot be passed on, and members must be aged 18 or over.

You may also purchase membership in three installments of 40, 30 & 30. if you chhose this option your certificate will be issued on receipt of your final payment.



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